RCMP have named Karin Adams as the woman who was arrested for harboring eight dogs in distress near Red Deer, Alberta.

The animals were recovered from a hotel in Innisfail, roughly 30 kilometres south of Red Deer, and are now in the care of Klassic Kennels.

The former resident of Northern BC continues to make headlines, as this isn’t the first time she’s had issues with law enforcement.

Back in 2015, Adams was charged with animal cruelty and handed a 20-year ban on owning animals, after more than 100 pets were seized from her care in less than ideal living conditions in Houston.

In that same year, Adams moved her operations into Alberta where she was charged in Hanna for nearly identical crimes.

On July 4th, Adams was arrested in Quesnel after 16 dogs were recovered from her care by the BC SPCA.

Now, Adams faces new charges including impersonating a peace officer, trespassing, mischief, harboring dogs, driving without a license, and failing to have dog licenses.

Adams remains in Police custody and is set to appear in Alberta court on July 31st.

– With files from Taylor Chartrand, Reporter for MyBulkleyLakesNow