The City is putting down the final touches for Masich Place Stadium slated to open next week.

The upgraded field includes the first synthetic outdoor turf in Northern BC, however, the fake grass has a max heat rating of 50 Degrees Celsius.

With temperatures hitting record numbers last week, the city recorded a scorching 70 degrees on the field.

Chris Bjorn | Jeff Slack, MyPGNow

“In the NFL they use Fan Misters so we are looking into a portable unit that will be able to be out by the player’s bench just to help cool people down in the heat of the day,” says Parks Supervisor Chris Bjorn.

Safety for the players who use the field is top priority for the City.

“Studies have been done on where the cutoff point is and that’s why it was chosen to be 50. You can cool this down with water, but it doesn’t stay cool,” added Bjorn.

The facility will be staffed during all hours of operation to maintain and monitor the field. The City will also be soliciting public input to hear what other items people would like to see on the field.

Masich Place officially opens to the public on Tuesday.