Todd Doherty, MP for Cariboo-Prince George | Todd Doherty/Handout photo

Invasive aquatic species is on the mind of Cariboo – Prince George MP Todd Doherty.

He recently issued a release outlining why BC deserves more support to fight invasive species, around the same time the rosy red minnow was found in a stream east of PG. Doherty focused his statement on the zebra mussel but says any invasive species, including the locally found aquarium fish. can be detrimental to ecosystems.

“You see that marine species, and in this case, the rosy red minnow competes with our local marine species for food and competition in terms of our aquatic life.”

As the Shadow Minister for Fisheries and Oceans and Canadian Coast Guard, Doherty says not enough is being done for BC. In his release, he cites the $19-million marked to fight aquatic invasive species this year but calls the $155,000 total increase for BC “nothing short of an insult”.

“More needs to be done to protect our waterways, to protect our local marine species, and we are continuing to press our federal governments as well as our provincial governments who need to speak up and make sure this is top of mind,” explains the Conservative MP.

“If we don’t do something now, we could be going down the path of seriously harming our rivers, lakes, and streams.”

Releasing aquarium fish into local waterways is illegal. It is recommended you contact a pet store if you have an aquarium fish you are looking to get rid of.