The new all wheels park being planned in Blackburn could be getting $90,000 courtesy the City of Prince George.

The Blackburn Community Association presented an update to Council Monday evening. Treasurer Jamie Cranrod says one of the updates was on a fundamental slab for the park.

“This slab would be removing the current broken up asphalt pad that’s there, in-kind essentially with a new concrete slab so that we’re able to safely and longevity-wise install the equipment.”

Council seemed very impressed with the presenters and unanimously voted to add the $90,000 to the 2019 budget as a possible project to be funded. It will be decided during next year’s budget, however, Councillor Murry Krause says all of the current council is in support of the project.

So what would that money mean for the park?

“It means more park equipment and a greater park, explains Cranrod.

“The idea of an all wheels park is there is a lot of equipment because it’s meant for every discipline from scootering to inline skating to roller skating to skateboarding to BMXing.”

If all goes according to plan, construction on the park would start in spring 2019. Cranrod says “the idea is we’re skating on it next summer”.