Nomination period is now closed and the list of candidates has been finalized.

Prince George Mayor Lyn Hall will look for a second straight term. There is only one other person running against Hall, Willy Ens.

As for council, 13 candidates are vying for a spot. They include Frank Everitt, Viv Fox, Garth Frizzell, Dave Fuller, Murry Krause, Terri McConnachie, Cori Ramsay, Kayle Sampson, Susan Scott, Paul Serup, Brian Skakun, Cameron Stolz, and Chris Wood.

There are ten candidates running for School Trustee in School District 57 including existing Board Chair Tim Bennett.

The other candidates are Betty Bekkering, Trudy Klassen, Stephanie Mikalishen-Deol, Sarah Holland, Allan Kranz, Corey Walker, Sharel Warrington, Ron Polillo, and Bruce Wiebe.

September 18th is the deadline to challenge nominations and elector organization endorsements. The decision and withdraw deadline is September 21st. The campaign period starts the next day.

General Voting Day is October 20th.