Prince George hosted an AIDS Walk Saturday to raise money and awareness for the virus within the community. Walks have been held in PG since the early 90’s.

A Champion is named each year for the walk. This year, Vanessa West earned the honour. She talked about the stigma involved with HIV/AIDS in the northern capital.

“Overall it has definitely diminished from the early years. I’ve listened to some of the founders of Positive Living North talking about their first AIDS Walk and being taunted, being yelled at, and we’ve come a long way but there is still further we can go.”

The event raises awareness and funds for people living with the virus. West says the fact that every dollar raised goes to people with HIV/AIDS makes it unique.

“It helps support their Food Hamper program, it helps support their Boost Nutritional Supplement program, it helps with healthy activities, so everything that’s raised goes directly to people living with HIV. None of it goes into operational costs.”

The donation total will be updated once available.