Farm Fest was held Saturday to celebrate and promote local food production in Prince George.

It coincided with the regular Farmers’ Market and Wilson Square Market. Local produce, live music, visual art, and games were showcased at the event.

Felicity Farm Partner Gordon Sweetnam explains what the current support is like from PG.

“We’ve had better success with our garden this year and we’ve had better sales this year too,” he continues to note some of the benefits to buying local.

“I would prefer to get my food from somebody that I know, where I have some idea of the way the food is being raised, and it’s obviously going to be fresher.”

Three workshops were held at Hub Space as part of the event including 101 Fruit Wine Making with Noemie Touchette, Voluntary Simplicity with Debra Moffatt, and Urban Gardening with Don Basserman.

A visual art exhibition will also be open until October 11th.