You wouldn’t believe it was still summer in Prince George because of the chill still in the air during the morning commute.

Overnight lows continue to plunge at or below the freezing mark the past couple weeks.

However, unlike last week, the overnight low didn’t break any records.

“The temperature early this morning hit a minimum of minus three-point-one degrees in Prince George and that is not a record low, the record was in 1983 when it came in at minus five-point-seven,” said Bobby Sekhon, Meteorologist with Environment Canada.

Putting on the defroster at full blast has been the reality of some Prince George drivers the past week as the overnight temperatures continue to be chilly.

After smashing a record last week of minus seven, the early morning temperature dipped to minus three falling short of a record.

Sekhon explains what the seasonal marks should be for late September.

“Our normal temperatures for this time of year are a low of plus three degrees and a high temperature of 15. We’re going to not be too far off of the highs later this week and into the weekend, however, the lows will be slightly below the seasonal average.”

The recent weather patterns Sehkon is seeing does not provide any major changes to the forecast anytime soon.

“Getting into the long range, we seem to stay in a similar pattern so I don’t see in the immediate future any significant warm up or cool down temperatures.”

It’s expected to remain below seasonal until Monday.