Prince George children living in vulnerable areas of the City are being brought into the spotlight of a new initiative starting next year.

Miracle Theatre has chosen the PG Community Foundation (PGCF) as its next charity recipient, in which all proceeds from its 2019 production will be given to them and placed into a new endowment for children and youth programs.

PGCF President Al Lefebvre says it’s important to provide opportunity for the next generation to succeed in life.

“Within our Community Foundation, we are examining need all the time and, as Mayor Lyn hall alluded to in his speech, there is always a need for these underprivileged children. So we’re very excited about setting up an endowment for that purpose.”

This is the fourth time the Theatre has donated its proceeds to a PG charity.

The goal this year is to raise more than $55,000, which would bring the four-year fundraising total to $200,000.

Lefebvre is looking forward to seeing how the production will come together, and explains how the distribution system will take place.

“We have a granting committee that will, in turn, look at submissions and pick the best charities, and then grant the funds for them. We also have a follow-up to make sure that the grants go where they said they were going. So with that said, every charity in Prince George that does good for children will have a chance to apply.”

Miracle Theatre’s 2019 show will run from February 28th to March 20th.

The play, entitled ‘Halfway there,’ takes place in small-town Nova Scotia at a diner where several strangers meet with laughter and surprises.

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