The Prince George Airport has a new $1.3 million toy to protect passengers in and around YXS.

The Oshkosh Global Striker is the most up-to-date Airport Rescue and Firefighting vehicle available and will replace older equipment. The old fleet is from 1988.

“The bodies are starting to show signs of fatigue, the fire package on them is starting to show that they can’t keep up to the current regulations,” explains Emergency Services Superintendent Daryl Moulder of the older trucks.

“The new truck allows us to look at bigger aircraft coming in, with the capacity it holds, we can actually step up categories if we wish to cover bigger aircraft.”

The Oshkosh carries 13,650 litres of water, more than double the previous trucks’ capacity. It can spray up to 375 feet in distance and is operated by one person. Moulder notes a few other upgrades.

“It can reach 113 kilometres an hour in 28 seconds, as per the regulations. It’s a very modern truck, it has great visibility, it steers from the center of the truck, two turrets on it, one on the roof and one on the bumper, we are able to pump 7,000 litres per minute so we can offload that water in about two and a half minutes.”

The truck could also be used within the community, Moulder says, if needed.