Postal workers in Prince George continue to be swept off their feet as the union and Canada Post battle back and forth on a new deal.

Working conditions and staffing levels continue to a concern.

If it were up to the union, contract negotiations would see a change of pace.

“Talks are still going on and what we have heard from Ottawa is that both parties are at the table making a little bit of progress so we can say in a positive view things are being talked about, they’re negotiating, but things need to speed up a little bit,” said Clark Rasmussen, Local CUPW Union President.

The workload won’t be getting any lighter for postal workers as legalized cannabis and the Christmas rush are fast approaching.

While progress is being made slowly on a new deal, Rasmussen says that won’t make the increased traffic any easier.

“Usually right now at this time of year, we have Black Friday coming up as well as Christmas time but a lot of small businesses are using online shopping as well, so everything right now is keeping us busy 12 months a year.”

The last the union wants is a bad deal, something the local union president does not believe is an option.

“Some of the major sticking points right now is centered around staffing especially with our inside workers. Basically, every time there is a position that’s either been retired or transferred out they cut that position and they know our work is going up. The other sticking point for us is also the forced overtime among mail carriers and that’s still something that’s happening among mail carriers.”

If a strike does occur, it would impact 130 members in Prince George.