The smoke has cleared on the 2018 civic election here in Prince George.

It was a very incumbent-heavy result as most probably expected but a new face claimed one of the final spots.

Cori Ramsay is in beating out Dave Fuller, who is quite happy with the result.

“I am so excited, it is really nice to see hard work pay off and I couldn’t be more proud to represent the people, my stomach was in knots because I had done my part and it was in the people’s hands.”

Ramsay adds now that the election is over, there is more work still to be done as she’s set to begin her first term on city council.

“The first step is to learn what to do next, I’m excited to dive in head first, I have so much to learn and I acknowledge that but I am going to head off to the races and pull my weight.”

Courtesy of Dave Fuller’s Facebook page

Fuller, on the other hand, believes there may have been one situation that cost him the final spot on council.

“You know, I had a hiccup in the last week and that definitely affected me. The last debate at UNBC I had some hostile questioning but other than that I met some really great people and it is a great community, I knocked on a lot of doors and I saw some of the concerns of the community and saw the community engagement and realized Prince George is a great place.”

Despite not getting the nod, Fuller believes the elected group will do just fine.

“Am I disappointed for the city? you know what, the entire group including Cori Ramsay is going to be good for Prince George and I congratulate them all.”

Brain Skakun led all councillors in votes with 9,475.

Seven incumbents got voted back into city hall.