A group of UNBC students wants to take a look at the future of downtown Prince George.

Rob Hines, along with five other students, is hosting a public forum to generate ideas about the downtown core.

“A number of us are planning students at UNBC and we’re very much interested in what’s happening in Prince George. There seems to be revitalization and energy, for instance, housing prices are going up, there’s been a lot of opportunities here,” said Hines. 

“Downtown has been successful in the past number of years in its revitalization. We wanted to provide a platform for people because of our interest in downtown to share their thoughts about what it can turn into, and we want to make that information available to the public.”

In reference to the issue of construction in the downtown area, Hines said that there are growing pains that come along with growth and development.

“I’ll be really interested to hear about what people think the vision should be for the downtown as people start to re-engage with it not just as a place to go because they need to go to an office, but as a place that they go to see other citizens in the community, to work, and to live.”  

The group will compile a report from the information that they gather from the forum, which will then be available for the public.  

The event takes place at the UNBC Bentley Centre on November 19th at 6pm to 8:30pm