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It is fun to throw a Teddy Bear onto the ice.

However, those of us attending the Prince George Cougars home game Sunday afternoon against the Victoria Royals, have been asked to change our way of thinking.

Sure, Teddy Bears are still welcome and will not be turned away, but the promotion has a new name, called the “Un-Teddy Bear Toss.”

So, why change what has been not only a successful annual event in Prince George, but in the entire WHL?

The reason is quite simple!

“We were getting to the point where we were getting more Teddy Bears than there was a need in the community so we started letting our partners know what the real need is in our community and that is warm clothing”, said Captain Neil Wilkinson of the Salvation Army.

The reality is that Teddy Bears are a luxury, while winter clothing is a necessity.

“Hats and mitts and scarves, of course, are always a big thing but hopefully somebody has the means to provide some coats as well. I’m surprised to this day the number of people who live in a northern climate who don’t have the appropriate northern winter wear,” added Wilkinson.

If one is working with a relatively good paying job, and trying to stay ahead of the day-to-day grind, it can be easy to forget about the many neighbours and fellow citizens that struggle to find the funds to pay for items many take for granted.

In order to keep everything dry and in the best possible shape, organizers are hoping fans put their items in a plastic bag before tossing them onto the ice.

Prince George experienced a milder than normal November, but above seasonal temperatures won’t continue for the entire months of December and January.

Should one insist on bringing a cute Teddy Bear, how about combining it with clothes or socks in that plastic bag?

Sunday’s game brings lots of anticipation about who will score the Teddy Bear or should I say Un-Teddy Bear goal.

This weekend also brings a mini farewell to the Cougars.

In a scheduling quirk, after the Cougars host Victoria Saturday at 7PM and Sunday at 2PM they won’t play again at the CN Centre for nearly a whopping six weeks.

Prince George will play five on the road before Christmas and another six away games after the break.

To put it another way, when the Cougars eventually host Kelowna January 11th and 12th, those games will be after the January 10th WHL trade deadline.

In other words, some of the players wearing a P.G. uniform this weekend could be different by the time they suit up again on home ice.

With the upcoming promotion, large gap in home schedule and real winter weather coming, I guess this is a time to simply “GRIN AND BEAR IT.”


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