A first-year trustee has already made an impact on the School District 57 Board, having a motion he brought forward pass.

Ron Polillo pulled the idea to start board meetings at 6pm instead of 7pm with a couple reasons why.

“It works best for us as a board and, in particular, two trustees that have to travel to every public board meeting,” he said. Shuirose Valimohamed from Mackenzie and Bob Thompson from the Robson Valley are the two trustees from out-of-town, something SD 57 only started doing this term.

“From a safety perspective for them, getting them home earlier after a board meeting just makes sense.”

The Board unanimously passed the motion with agreements stated from other trustees prior to the vote. Polillo continued with another point, this time about exhaustion.

“Historically, we have some long board meetings. The last thing you want to do, especially in really important board meetings, is make decisions because you’re tired and you’re fatigued,” he explained.

“These are pretty important decisions and you want to make decisions based on the best information that’s presented in front of you. You want to make the right decisions with the right information and do it not influenced by other things.”

The January 29th, 2019, board meeting is the first for the new start time.