Jolene Crosina’s plaque | Matt Fetinko, My PG Now

The Prince George Hospice has formally dedicated a trail next to its building to Jolene Crosina.

Jolene was a secretary at Cedars Christian School and spent time receiving care at the hospice when she was diagnosed with cancer. Since last fall, high school students at the school have helped to maintain the trail. She was always loved by the kids, her brother Frank said, and the feeling was mutual.

“They always hung out with her and would come into the office to joke around with her. She knew each one of them and would spend time with them,” explained Frank.

“So a lot of these kids [in attendance] actually helped out with the trail and the elementary kids painted rocks and stuff that is in there. It was something the kids really wanted to do.”

People in attendance said Jolene always loved the holiday season because of the snow and family time. A big part of the holidays is gift giving, which was her specialty, according to Frank.

“In her stuff, we found gifts that she had already bought for people in the future,” he laughed.

“She would see something and recognize it would be good for this person and keep it for them. One of her gifts was giving gifts and the path ends up being just another way that she can give something back to people, it is totally fitting.”

Jolene passed away in August 2017.