Saint Vincent de Paul and Vista Radio’s Community Christmas event has one day left to go.

Donations were being brought in with a special emphasis on non-perishables and warm clothing for day one. In day two, SVDP Chair Bernie Goold said teenagers need to be the focus.

“It’s so hard to buy for teenagers and last year we had 161 teenagers so it’s really hard with their diverse needs and what they like,” she explained.

“Gift cards, a night out to the movies or to the mall are great to just check out what’s there for them.”

The spirit of Christmas was alive and well, Goold said, with the number of children coming in to donate toys to other kids. On the other end of the age spectrum, a group of seniors touched her heart the most.

“They’ve asked people not to buy them gifts and a lot of them are on a fixed income. We had three or four [seniors] come in and say they are not doing gifts this year, but they want us to give gifts to someone in need. That really touched me deeply.”

Community Christmas will continue Thursday from 6am to 6pm at the Vista studios on the corner of Ferry Avenue and Ospika Boulevard.