We’re over two weeks until Christmas in Prince George but you wouldn’t know it based on the lack of snow on the ground.

Another dry weekend is expected with daily highs ranging between minus seven and plus one between now and Sunday.

However, anyone looking for the white stuff will have to wait until next week according to Environment Canada Meteorologist, Louis Kohanyi.

“There’s going to be a chance of snow on Monday night with a low of minus two in the forecast and then on Tuesday during the day, we will have a 60% chance of showers and a high of plus four.”

As for the reasons why we have seen very little snow, it’s been a balmy fall.

“So the temperatures have been warmer than normal, which is why we have the lack of snow, and for precipitation, it has been a lot drier than normal.”

“When we look at tomorrow we are looking at a high of minus six and we will get even warmer on Sunday as we’re looking at a high of plus one and a mix of sun and cloud and then it’s going to be sunny on Monday.”

The overnight lows over the next three days will also be trending in a much warmer direction going from -13 tonight to minus four on Sunday.