Prince George saw very little change in the unemployment rate during the month of November.

The northern capital’s rate sat at 5.2%, which is nearly identical to the 5.3% mark in 2017.

Even though the jobless figures remained flat, the number of people working saw a dip of nearly 4-thousand, where only 46-thousand residents held down a job.

However, the provincial numbers remain in solid shape as BC continues to lead the rest of the provinces.

“The unemployment rate is 4.4% and that is down from a year ago when it was 4.8% and over the past 12 months employment has grown by about 43,000,” said Vincent Ferrao, Labour Divison Analyst.

Northern BC’s largest market falls under the Prince George-Cariboo economic region where several experienced some mixed results in the latest findings.

“We’re seeing fewer people in the retail and wholesale trades sector, however, there are some small gains in a few other industries, for example, we saw an uptick in manufacturing.”

In Canada, the rate dropped to 5.6%, the lowest it has been in 40 years, thanks to the creation of 94,000 new jobs.

Here is the provincial breakdown:

BC 4.4%
Quebec 5.4%
Saskatchewan 5.5%
Ontario 5.6%
Manitoba 5.7%
Alberta 6.3%
Nova Scotia 7.0%
New Brunswick 7.9%
Prince Edward Island 8.5%
Newfoundland and Labrador 12.2%