While some may be cursing the snow, the organizers of the 2019 World Para Nordic Skiing Championships certainly are not.

At the Prince George City Council meeting last night, organizers presented an overview of their progress so far and with a little over a month away, they’re looking at what two years of planning will bring.

“I’m excited to start seeing the the teams come here, start to be able to see all the action that we’ve planned for,” said Chairperson of the 2019 World Para Nordic Skiing Championships, Kevin Pettersen.

“I think we’ll knock their socks off when it comes to the teams coming and really putting Prince George on the map.”

The event is held every two years after the Winter Paralympics and features two sports; the Para Nordic Skiing & Para Biathlon. According to the organizers, more than 20 countries and over 120 athletes compete over ten days.

Pettersen said the recent winter weather and heavy snowfall has been in their favour.

“We’ve had some of the best ski conditions over the last month, we always say ‘you can’t take mother nature for granted.’ We’re just going to keep our fingers crossed, we know the city is not so excited for the snow, but for hosting an event like this I don’t think we could have asked for anything better.”

The event kicks off on February 15th and runs to the 24th, for schedules, tickets and more information you can follow this link.