Professional Building | Courtesy Trelle Morrow/Heritage Commission

The integrity of a couple more buildings in Prince George will be protected after being unanimously added to the Prince George Heritage Register.

The Heritage Commission brought forward the recommendation based on buildings representing either aesthetic, historical, or spiritual significance. The additions are Howieson Residence (2688 Inlander Street), Hilliard Clare Masonic Hall (480 Vancouver Street), and the Professional Building at 1705 3rd Avenue.

“What [the Heritage Commission] has identified and what they have shown on the website for our significant buildings and our significant trees and such, that’s important,” said Councillor Garth Frizzell.

“I bet there are people who would like to go out and take a look at them and do the full tour, as it were.”

Hilliard Clare Mesonic Hall | Courtesy Trelle Morrow/Heritage Commission

The Professional Building was the first office building in PG catering exclusively to a professional clientele. Built in 1953, it retains high-quality finishes at the main entrance and front hallway and features a terrazzo staircase.

Representing the early post-World War II modern style of architecture (1955), Hilliard Clare Masonic Hall has a continuous window band on the main floor of the Vancouver St. and 4th Avenue elevations.

As for the Howieson Residence, it showcases wood balloon framing techniques from the era it was built in 1912. The original hardware still exists, including door latches, window finger pulls, and catches; and it is one of a handful of homes in South Fort George constructed prior to World War I.

While he was impressed by each property, Frizzell singled out Howieson Residence as the one that stands out.

“The mouldings and the finishings really speak to a different age. That wood frame, as well, resonated because we’ve had so much discussion about how much of Prince George was built with that technique and how much we’ve lost because of fire.”

The City’s Heritage Register was adopted in late 2007 and now has 13 sites listed. To learn more about Heritage Register properties, click here.