The Community Arts Council of Prince George & District is looking to learn more about arts and culture activities being provided or pursued.

A city-wide survey is being conducted as part of CAC’s 50th anniversary. It is designed to bring in information from individuals, businesses, and organizations. The CAC is planning to move into a new location at 3rd Avenue and Quebec Street. The inventory project will help with developing the new arts-based community centre and other efforts to incorporate arts and culture into municipal planning and development. The survey is being funded by a City of PG grant.

“Our goal with this project is to develop a comprehensive and detailed portrait of arts and culture in Prince George and demonstrate just how widespread it is,” said Sean Farrell, CAC Executive Director, in a statement.

“We’re really trying to be broad in how we characterize arts and cultural pursuits and we hope this will encourage residents to participate in the survey and enable us to capture what they do. We believe that almost everyone in Prince George could participate in this survey, not just those who are “professional” or make their living as artists.”

This is one of several special initiatives for the 50th anniversary. They include archival and celebratory projects.

The survey is available here. It will be available until March 1st.