Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, Amarjeet Sohi, Photo courtesy of Liberal Party of Canada

Federal Minister of Natural Resource Amarjeet Sohi announced in Prince George today a near $600,000 investment into three Indigenous forestry projects in BC.

The majority of the funding ($475,000) will go to support Chu Cho Environmental to assist with an Indigenous bioheat project located in Tsay Keh Dene First Nation.

Sohi said the goal of the program is to reduce the reliance of rural and remote communities on fossil fuel for heat and power.

A $65,000 piece of the pie is also going to the Witset First Nation to help with equipment upgrades so they can train workers and enhance new developments at the Kyahwood Forestry Products facility.

The final investment is a $50,000 cut for the Tzah Tez Tlee Development Corporation in Fort Babine to launch a feasibility study on a biomass heating system using excess wood residue.

“These projects bring together the training and innovation necessary for communities to capture future opportunities presented by our forest sector. They are great examples of how we are working with Indigenous partners to create good jobs and to provide eco-friendly development solutions that will directly benefit the surrounding communities, said Sohi.”