The 32nd annual PG Iceman is set for Sunday, weather permitting.

The organizer is Jim Van Bakel who did an interview this morning with My PG Now.

“Our cold weather policy is if it is colder than -20 we have to cancel the event. We do have the ability to delay the start by one hour and we’ll be making that decision at 8 AM on Sunday.”

With Mother Nature becoming difficult to predict, the event’s cold weather policy may come into play.

Van Bakel adds the number of people who have signed up is about even from 2018.

“It’s pretty much dead even with where we were last year even with the great weather and we saw the same amount of people as well as last-minute registrants as we always do but it doesn’t look like the weather is affecting anybody at all.”

“If everything goes according to plan we will start at Otway at 10am from the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club and we do an eight-kilometre ski there, then pass off to a 10 kilometre runner who runs from Otway to the Olympic Ice Oval and then there is a five kilometre skate at the ice oval and then after that, it will then be off for a run through the Pinewood subdivision before finishing off at the CN Centre over to the Aquatic Centre where we finish off with a swim.”

Van Bakel also explained to My PG Now why the annual event is so popular.

“It incorporates a lot of sports people do throughout the winter here in Prince George, it’s a really great event because there is a solo event people do as we have about 30 or 40 people who do this on their own every year but it’s also a great team event.”

534 people have signed up for the race so far.