Update Monday at 3 p.m.

An aggressive moose cow and her calves are still active near Ginter’s Meadow following a second incident, which resulted in injuries to a dog and its owner.

The City of Prince George has installed warning signs on the trails near Ginter’s Meadow as well as at the Meadow itself to help ensure visitors to the area are aware of the situation.

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The adult moose and her two calves who have been causing a ruckus throughout Prince George over the last few weeks are at it again.

Prince George Conservation said the moose was spotted at Ginter’s Meadow dog park earlier this morning (Sunday).

They are requesting people to stay out of the dog park and keep their distance.

People are reporting that the moose are aggressive towards both dogs and humans in the area.

Conservation officers are currently on scene trying to track the family down and get them out of the city.