Prince George residents will need to remain bundled up as the cold weather continues to have a firm grip on the northern capital.

Temperatures began at -32 this morning for those who have already complete the morning commute.

Trevor Smith with Environment Canada did an interview with My PG Now this morning.

“We still got this jetstream coming out of the north and we don’t really see that changing for most of this week as temperatures are still dropping overnight into the minus twenties, perhaps not as cold as what we’re seeing today.”

Prince George was under an Extreme Cold Warning twice last week but not today for some reason.

Smith explained why.

“We’re essentially looking at any combination of wind and temperature that would produce a wind chill of minus forty or higher, I guess we were close last night but the wind speed wasn’t quite strong enough to give us that value.”

“We’re probably not looking at values that cold for the next few nights where we would even entertain anything close to minus forty for wind chill, certainly well below normal for this time of year as the temperature is usually minus one while the overnight low is minus ten.”