By Ethan Ready

Canada’s Green University will welcome over 80 engineering students from across Canada as UNBC will host the inaugural year of the Conference of Sustainability in Engineering.

Developed by the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES), the conference is set to take place on February 22-25 and is designed to provide those who are participating with a better understanding about some of the innovative concepts in the industry, while also having the opportunity of becoming a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green associate.

Spokesperson Anna Vu says, “we believe it is crucial to incorporate sustainability within all aspects of engineering and this conference will help provide that knowledge.”

Vu adds that besides the opportunity to learn more about UNBC’s Wood Innovation Research Lab, the Wood Innovation Design Centre, and the bioenergy facility, attendees will attend a number of sessions ranging in topics such as Engineering the Future of Food Production and Zero Net Energy Tiny Homes. Students will also have the chance to take the LEED certification course and participate in a competitive case study.

36 Canadian universities will be represented for the conference.