Attention to detail may have been the key to their success.

A team of CNC business students took home the Best Strategic Plan Award at the 2019 Western Canadian Business Awards Competiton, which was held in Kelowna.

Luke Veeken, Katrina Rosche, Chad Whyte, and Alyssa Boyce were the four students that were members of the award-winning team.

As Whyte says, the team’s ability to thoroughly plan out their plan prior to executing it may have been what led to the team’s success.

“I think that we followed through with what we did, which is why we might have won the Best Strategic Plan. Everything made sense and we were able to explain certain things to do,” said Whyte.

As part of their business model, things such as wage increase for employees were all things to consider in improving the growth fo the company ahead of the simulation.

The team was able to meet 39 of the 40 metrics set out to achieve as part of the simulation — much better than the majority of the other competing teams, which, according to Whyte, were unable to eclipse 30.

The winning team for the simulation scored a perfect 40 out of the 40 metrics.

The CNC team was in operation of a camera-based retail company called Edge Initiative based out of Tokyo, selling items such as drones and GoPros.

The WCBC is an annual business competition where students apply their knowledge and skills towards developing a strategic solution in a simulated business scenario.