The City of Prince George is looking to keep themselves busy.

After just wrapping up the World Para-Nordic Skiing Championships, and looking forward to hosting the Women’s Curling Championships in 2020, Prince George is looking to host the 2021 Esso Cup, the Canadian Women’s Midget Ice Hockey Championship.

“We’re really interested in continuing to roll from year to year in going after these larger and main events,” says Mayor Lynn Hall. “I think it’s important for us, it’s important for us on a number of fronts.”

With the Otway Nordic Centre being used for the Para-Nordic Skiing Championships, and the CN Centre set to be used for the World Women’s Curling Championships next year, the mayor believes the city has the facilities needed in order to put on such events on a consistent basis.

Hall states that pushing for major events aids in boosting the local economy, and continues to keep Prince George in the discussion when it comes to hosting events.

“If you go after one or two events every four or five years, you don’t have that momentum, so you lose track on that international stage or that national stage.”

As for the residents themselves, Hall believes events have brought the community together.

“If you take a look at the major events that we’ve held here, it really draws in the community,” Hall says. “It’s just a really good fit for the city, and people feel good about it. I think it’s putting your city on the map.”

Since taking office in December of 2014, Hall has seen first-hand what the city is capable of, having seen Prince George host the Canadian Winter Games his first year as the city’s mayor.

“It was the perfect example of putting Prince George on the national stage,” said Hall. “It was an opportunity to show what we can do in Prince George from an organizational perspective, but as importantly, what we have for our facilities.

Whether the city lands the Esso Cup or not, the mayor believes it’s important that the city strives to host major events.

“I just think it’s important that we continue to do that,” Hall says. “It shows community pride and spirit.”