ICBC has found themselves the topic of discussion on social media as of late.

As a result, the insurance company has found itself as the latest focus of third-year political science students at the University of Northern British Columbia.

Conducting a survey each year on a wide array of topics, the students have elected to make this year’s focus be on the insurance company and whether or not it’s a good thing to be privatized.

Student Alyse Willmann told MyPGNow, “we would love to hear what people think and how they feel. ICBC can be a very sensitive topic, but we’re hoping that this survey is more of a positive outlook of what could be possibly done in the future.”

Willmann adds that she and her classmates are hoping to receive 1,000 entries, which would provide the group with sufficient and fair results.

“If we can get more, that would give us a broad range of what people are thinking, especially if we can get people in Vancouver, more Northern B.C., just different areas, not just Prince George,” said Willmann.

People who are interested in participating are asked to complete the survey online.

The survey closes on March 27.