Photo courtesy of UBC Faculty of Medicine

The Senior Medical Advisory for Cardiac Services BC is onside with American heart disease experts that taking aspirin to reduce the risk of a heart attack isn’t necessarily good for you.

Dr. Andrew Krahn spent time in Prince George back in the 1970s and attended College Heights Secondary School before moving on to his post-secondary studies.

He further explains the reasons behind the little benefit aspirin has when it comes to heart-related issues.

“Three new studies have come out since the last time these recommendations were made back in 2013 and those three studies show much less benefit for aspirin and that there is an ongoing small risk of aspirin when you take it.”

He adds there is a number of things people in Prince George and across Northern BC can do without having to rely on any drugs or medication.

“Most adults have the opportunity to take ownership of the process by putting greater emphasis on weight management, exercise, and healthy diet and reporting symptoms to your physician and less of an emphasis on the use of medications or supplements.”

“Everyone needs to eat better, eat less, and exercise more and that task of balancing those things is very different for every person but it’s for your own personal health, those are the things that help with weight management, improving sleep and reducing heart disease.”

To further add to this problem, the current smoking rate in Northern BC is around 20% increasing the risk of a heart attack or other issues.

“I lived in Prince George when I was a kid and I have a big place in my heart for it and I also do clinics in Prince Rupert to see patients and I see this as a real problem and it’s a big issue obviously”