Prince George Search and Rescue could be receiving upwards to $90,000 in funding following a Province of B.C. announcement.

The Province is providing $18.6 million in one-time funding to ground search and rescue groups throughout the province, which will be spread out over the next three years.

The funding will be a significant help to the Prince George Search and Rescue, according to one of the team’s managers Dave Merritt.

“For us, it kind of adds some stability,” Merritt told MyPGNow. “We don’t have to do bake sales and stuff to get the funding. We can focus on training and having our members ready to go at a moments notice.”

While official numbers have yet to be determined as to just how much the Prince George Search and Rescue will receive, Merritt said it could be upwards to $90,000 a year if it’s anything compared to rollout from previous years.

“Hundreds of hours a year were dedicated to fundraising through all sorts of different means,” said Merritt. “Most teams will do whatever they can to make the team viable. So teams spent a lot of time just to get their dollars figured out so the team can function.”

This funding will help the B.C. Search and Rescue Association and GSAR groups increase their training, administrative support, as well as obtaining new equipment.

Search and Rescue equipment typically has a 5-10 year lifespan before needing to be replaced, which then brings a price tag of approximately $30,000 to $40,000 a year.

“I just want to thank the province of B.C. for believing in us to keep doing the good job that we’re doing and training members across the province,” said Merritt. “Teams really do appreciate it. It’s nice to be recognized.”