Can 100 people make a difference?

That’s what Colin Breadner, founder of the 100 heroes charity is trying to prove.

Breadner has a goal to get 100 people to each donate $100 to one organization.

“There are two types of people. Everyone wants to be involved in some way, but often people are limited by time because everyone is busy these days or there is money. Someone may only have a little amount of money.”

Breadner said by combining the money it will allow people to make a big difference for a local organization.

Through the charity, all members who donate can nominate a local charity/organization to receive the money.

Three charities will then be randomly chosen from the nominations, and those charities will have five minutes to pitch why they deserve the funds.

Breadner said it would be up to the members to vote on the winner and the hope is that they can do this about four times a year.

4 “This will help small charities as well as big charities. Often small charities get overlooked so this levels the playing field.”

As it stands now, Breadner only has 38 members, but he is hoping for more.

Those interested find out more on his website.