Northern BC sees a large spike in Moose-vehicle collisions during the cold, dark and dreary winter months, and a professor at UNBC will be speaking about the matter.

Among other things, Lab instructor of ecosystems, science and management Roy Rea in cooperation with the Ministry of Transportation – wanted to determine the moose collision hot spots of Northern BC and apply up to date signage and removal of foliage that may be luring the hungry animals in.

He will be holding a presentation on the matter at UNBC on Friday, and says moose can also be attracted to salt deposits that build up on the side of roadways, and says this time of year can be especially daunting:

“People need to be aware when they are driving the highways and bi-ways in and around Prince George particularly in the wintertime because this is the time of the year when moose tend to hang out near the roads and when we have a peak in moose-vehicle collisions in this part of the world”

Roy’s speech takes place Friday at 3:30pm at UNBC’s Weldwood theater.