The Salvation Army of Prince George is beyond thankful following a fishy donation by Spruce City Wildlife Association.

On April 12, the non-profit organization made a donation of approximately 100 rainbow trout to the Salvation Army’s food bank.

“Every year, for the last few years we’ve worked closely with the Freshwater Fisheries Society of British Columbia,” Steve Hamilton, president of Spruce City Wildlife told MyPGNow. “As part of the outreach, they give us 100 to about 150 rainbow trout that we keep in the facility as an outreach event where we’ll put tours on. We’ll invite schools, girl guides, brownies, and pretty much learn how a hatchery works, and so instead of seeing just equipment, they can actually see fish in the facility.”

Hamilton adds that when that particular part of the system is done, the association is readying to welcome a bunch of salmon to their facility, meaning the trout need to go. So rather than putting hundreds of pounds worth of trout to waste, the group elects to donate the meat to a food bank in Prince George.

The Association had the fish processed at Chilako Meats just west of Prince George where they were packaged and frozen before dropping off the fish to the Salvation Army.

For anyone who might be interested in volunteering with the Spruce City Wildlife Association, people can become a member through the association’s website. The group meets the third Tuesday of every month at the hatchery on River Road.