The College of New Caledonia and Northern Health have confirmed an active case of tuberculosis.

Both groups are following up with anyone who may be at risk to ensure they are assessed.

Northern Health Medical Health Officer, Dr. Andrew Gray said the detected case occurred during the first half of the school year.

“Certain people at the College of New Caledonia may have been exposed to tuberculosis between September and January and Northern Health is reaching out to those individuals who are all known and recommend that they get tested for it.”

People who may have been at risk are asked to contact to have a TB test as it can take eight to twelve weeks for the test to go from a negative to a positive.

“January was when the last exposure occurred so we’re already more than eight weeks past that time so the people that are being tested now if they have been exposed to TB will be able to detect that and go with the proper course of action.”

Tuberculosis is shared through the air.

Sharing clothing, dishes or drinks does not spread the disease.

The individual who has TB is receiving medical attention and is on medication for the illness.