Officers from the RCMP were out over the last couple of days checking vehicles. 

Police were working with their enforcement partners at the Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE) to target unsafe vehicles on the road.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the teams conducted vehicle inspections throughout the City of Prince George on both light commercial and private vehicles to ensure they were road worthy. 

The following results were generated:

  •         30 tickets for moving violations;
  •         9 tickets for non-moving and administrative violations;
  •         15 Notice and Orders, directing drivers to fix or repair minor vehicle equipment deficiencies;
  •         7 Notice and Orders, directing drivers to fix multiple observed defects, and get a vehicle inspection within 30 days;
  •         4 Notice and Orders, immediately taking the vehicle out of service, and directing the driver to have multiple safety violations repaired and inspected.

Some of the common vehicle defects observed included heavily cracked windshields, improper lighting, oversized tires, and rust perforation.

“It is every driver’s responsibility to ensure their vehicle is safe to be on the road, and in good mechanical condition” says Sgt. Matthew LaBelle, in charge of the Prince George RCMP’s Municipal Traffic Services Section. “You cannot drive an unsafe vehicle to a repair or inspection facility; you have to make other arrangements.”

The Prince George RCMP would like to remind drivers and vehicle owners to have their studded tires removed before May 1, as per provincial legislation.