Another year without any cuts.

CNC’s Board of Governors passed another balanced budget for the fiscal year ahead. This budget also marks the fourth consecutive year CNC has not faced cuts.

The budget approved by the college’s board will see meaningful investments in education through additional full-time faculty positions and extended instructional and student supports. 

“We’re proud to present a balanced budget that makes important investments in educational delivery at CNC,” said CNC President Henry Reiser.

When CNC’s Board of Governors approved a two per cent domestic tuition increase in November 2018, it advised that those funds be invested directly to the support and development of students.

Supporting that direction, CNC’s budget sees money being invested into extended hours for a number of service-oriented departments, added an Aboriginal Community Navigator, as well as created Study Abroad subsidies and new entrance scholarships.

The students’ union will also receive a $50,000 grant to support the creation of student recreation, mentorship, and ambassador programs at the college. 

“Student life is an essential element of the post-secondary experience,” said Chad Thompson, CNC Vice President Academic. “The CNCSU is enthusiastic about fostering more student life on campus, and we’re very pleased to support this.” 

CNC’s budget adds more positions for the 2019-2020 school year, which will see almost $800,000 being invested in new full-time faculty positions. Last year saw the college add new faculty positions to keep up with student enrolment. Those positions have been continued in CNC’s 2019-2020 budget.

A multi-year project to improve classroom technology and furniture will also begin in the coming school year.

“Improving classroom technology and furniture at CNC benefits both the learning experience of students and teaching experience of instructors,” said Tara Szerencsi, CNC Vice President, Finance and Corporate Services. “This budget is reflective of CNC’s commitment to bringing people and potential together.”