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This is a weekly podcast featuring the ‘who’s who’ of the Prince George Cougars.

Former Cougars Vice-President of Business Brandi Brodsky is this week’s guest on the Cat Scan Podcast. (Photo supplied by Brandi Brodsky)

Hartley’s guest is former Cougars Vice-President of Business Brandi Brodsky.

In this episode, Brandi discusses a wide range of topics including, being the only female WHL executive at league meetings and her highs, and lows dealing with fans.

She also touched on the dynamics of working with family including her husband at the time Dallas Thompson who was the Cougars GM as well as her father Rick Brodsky who was the team’s former owner.

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LISTEN: Hartley’s Cat Scan with Brandi Brodsky – February 27th, 2020
Hartley's Cat Scan

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