Welcome to Hartley’s Cat Scan!

This is a weekly podcast during the Prince George Cougars season featuring the ‘who’s who’ of the team.

Hartley Miller (Near) speaks to PG Cougars Rhett Rhinehart (Middle) and Cole Moberg (Far) on a number of topics during this week’s edition of Catscan. (Photo supplied by Brendan Pawliw, MyPGNow.com staff)

Hartley’s guests this week are Cougars defenceman Cole Moberg and Rhett Rhinehart.

Moberg discusses the thrill of being drafted by the Chicago Blackhawks, scoring goals for the Cougars and his outlook on the team and his future.

Rhinehart talks about being ranked by Central Scouting for next year’s NHL Draft, in addition, he speaks about his prominent role on the team and travels on the Cougars new bus.

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LISTEN: Hartley’s Cat Scan with Cole Moberg and Rhett Rhinehart – October 17th, 2019
Hartley's Cat Scan

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