Recycling Printed Paper and Packaging

With all the news of Canadian recyclables being rejected in Malaysia and other Asian countries it is a good time to revisit our recycling habits when it comes to printed paper and packaging.

Whether you are recycling at one of the many Regional District Multi-Material Recycling Bins or at the curbside in Prince George here are a number of tips to maximize your recycling efforts.

Accepted Materials

Know what items are accepted in your bin. Containers, cans, jugs, boxes, and drink cups as well as letters, envelopes, magazines, flyers, and printed paper for household use are accepted. Not all plastics (for example Tupperware, garden hoses, toys) are accepted for recycling in these bins. Containers for motor oil, vehicle lubricant or antifreeze are also not included as they are part of another recycling program.

For a   detailed list of items accepted in the Regional District’s Multi-Material Recycling Bins view the recycling brochure.

For more information about curbside recycling and which materials are accepted in the Prince George collection visit or download the recyclebc app.

Empty and Clean Containers 

Empty containers and give them a quick rinse to ensure that nothing is left over that may soil the other materials. Food residual in your cartons or containers can cause an entire bin of recyclables to be rejected as the material is no longer suitable for recycling and may attract animals and pests.

Depot only Items

There are a few packaging and container items that can only be recycled at a Recycle BC depot.


Non-deposit glass bottles and jars

(do not include deposit glass beverage containers, drinking glasses or dishware)

Plastic bags and overwrap

Bags – produce, grocery, dry cleaning, bread, dry bulk foods & frozen vegetables

Outer bags & wrap – diapers, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, toilet paper

Overwrap – on mattresses, furniture and electronic equipment

(do not include kitchen wrap, garbage bags, or bags labelled biodegradable or compostable)


Plastic foam containers and trays used for meat & produce

Foam clamshells, cups and bowls for take-out food

Foam cushion packaging to protect electronics, small appliances, etc.

Items collected in other recycling programs

There are over 20 stewardship programs available in BC. Find a location in Prince George to recycle your beverage containers, batteries, tires, electronics major appliances and many more materials.

Recycle BC depots in Prince George:

PG Recycling and Return-It Centre

2614 Peterson Road (Just behind Costco) 250-561-7475

Hart Return-It Centre

6665 Hart Highway (next to 7-11 on the Hart) 250-962-9300