Incorporate Waste Reduction into your Holiday Season Preparations!

It may be early in the season, but that isn’t going to stop you from preparing for the holidays! Whether you’re getting decorations, buying and stockpiling gifts, or filling the freezer with baking. The Regional District of Fraser Fort George would like to take this opportunity to help you think about how you can reduce the amount of waste you create this holiday season… using a simple 4 word system – Rethink, Refuse, Repair and Re-use!

Rethink what you’re buying others over the holidays!

Instead of buying disposable and single use items or products that can break down, go for meaningful gift ideas such as creating memories with your loved ones.

Sometimes it isn’t the latest and greatest item on the market, but instead going for a fun family get away, or taking your loved one out for a romantic evening.

Try movie tickets, concert tickets or gift cards (a great way to take the guess work out of gift giving!).

Planning on holiday treats? Start from scratch and make cookies and tarts instead of buying pre-made packaged ones. They’ll taste even more delicious and you’ll have the added benefit of getting others to help!

Refuse unwanted packaging when buying gifts.

Bring along your own re-usable bags for transporting your haul home. Look for items that come in less packaging. And if there’s a bulk deal going on, but you only need a few items, buy less!

This will save you money and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

While buying something, is an online receipt an option?

Are things getting hectic with all the holiday prepping that you forget to eat? If you’re going out for dinner consider bringing your own re-usable take home containers for leftovers and forgo the straw.

All these little things add up to less waste produced.

Repair what’s broken instead of buying new.

Maybe your favorite Christmas decoration isn’t broken but needs a new battery, or a new light bulb. Checking to see if you can fix something before going out to buy a new item can save you money and save space in the landfill.

Does the old Christmas tree lean the wrong way and look a little run down? Give it a make-over with some tinsel woven into the branches and an old broom handle to keep the tree standing its tallest.

Have you run out of gift ideas? Are you handy with tools? Offer to help someone fix something as a gift! This reduces the need for new things, saves you money and allows you to spend time with that person creating new memories.

And lastly – don’t forget to Re-use those toys the kids no longer play with by donating them to the REAPS 23rd Annual Recycle Toy Drive – taking place November 16th from 10am til 2pm at the REAPS Demonstration Garden – located at 1950 Gorse Street.

This holiday season, the Regional District of Fraser Fort George encourages you to create memories, NOT garbage. For more waste reduction ideas visit

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