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Is your garbage causing landfill fires?

Is your garbage causing landfill fires?

It is suspected that Lithium-ion batteries were the cause of two separate fires at the Foothills Boulevard Regional Landfill in 2019. The Regional District wants to take this opportunity to remind residents and business owners about the proper disposal of batteries.

New technology – old problem

As more devices become wireless the need for portable long-lasting energy supply increases. Batteries hold a lot of energy in small, lightweight packaging. As the power of batteries increases and their size shrinks, the potential to catch fire or explode when they overheat or are damaged goes up.

Many batteries hold a residual charge even when they appear dead. When this battery comes into contact with other batteries or metal, a spark or heat can occur.

Proper disposal of batteries is a must to prevent fires

Proper disposal of all batteries (especially lithium-ion batteries) is essential to prevent fires in your garbage can, the municipal garbage trucks, private waste hauling vehicles, and more importantly the landfill.

Not only do batteries pose a fire hazard, it is also important that people recognize that batteries may contain metals that can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly.

How to recycle old batteries

Here are some tips on recycling your batteries:

⦁ Collect your used batteries (weighing up to 5kg each). This includes the following types:
⦁ Calling Call2Recycle’s customer service team at 1-888-224-9764
⦁ Visiting ⦁ to find the Regional District’s facilities that offer battery recycling

⦁ Bag or tape those batteries that require it and drop off the items at no charge.
The collection site will ship the batteries to the recycling facility, where they are sorted for recycling.

The good news

Call2Recycle recycles over 600,000 kg’s of used batteries annually in British Columbia. Let’s do our part to keep batteries out of the landfill.

Read up and start recycling your batteries today

For more information visit

Regional District of Fraser-Fort George
155 George St.
Prince George, BC V2L 1P8
Toll Free (BC): 1-800-667-1959
Phone: (250) 960-4400
Fax: (250) 563-7520
E-mail: [email protected]


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