Game Quest – Building Virtual Communities

In the new normal, Virtual Communities have become common place. It’s been a hard transition for many people, but the gaming community has been virtual for years! Game Quest wants to bring the gaming community closer to home! If you’ve been missing your friends, feeling the siren call of competition, or just want to try something new, Game Quest is working to find safe solutions for you!

Game Quest is Prince George’s premiere shop for all things gaming. From table-top classics like Dungeons and Dragons to modern Battle Royale Video Games, they have it all! But with the current situation they are taking extra steps to make sure they bring the gaming community to you in the safest way possible. Game Quest is hosting remote game nights through their Discord server; that means you can get some buddies together and take on other players in heated competition. No team? No problem! They can help you find a team to call your own! Single players and incomplete squads are welcome, and will be matched to create as many full squads as possible.

Game Quest is running two weekly video game events, showcasing the best games to get the best reactions from every player! Every Tuesday brings a new game to the Battle Royale night! Grab your squad and get ready to drop in to Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty Warzone, and more! Huge battlefields, cunning tactics, and just a few dances are waiting for you every Tuesday.

LOL Wednesday – It’s not Laugh Out Loud Wednesday… It’s League of Legends Wednesday! One of the biggest games in the world, League of Legends has been blazing a path in the e-sports scene. Choose from a HUGE selection of unique characters and work with your team to conquer the other side! Only the fierce will succeed!

Game Quest is also working to bring more than just video games to you remotely. They’re currently developing and refining the ways they can bring you less-remote activities, remotely. They hope to bring you cosplay how-to videos, mini figure painting live streams, and D&D Nights through online services. They also have a monthly hangout for anyone interested in gaming or streaming.

You might be feeling like you’re missing your community during self-isolation, but Game Quest is bringing the virtual gaming community closer to home! Check out Game Quest Prince George on Facebook to find out which event you should be attending next!

Join Game Quest and gamers across the world in weekly tournaments, cosplay tutorials, and virtual table top campaigns!

Find Game Quest at 4158 Cowart Road in Prince George!

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 ( 250 ) 981 0034