The shift to virtual post-secondary learning may end up being a surprising success.

Both UNBC and CNC are reporting strong enrolment despite both schools announcing a shift towards alternative, primarily digital, methods of course delivery.

“Our numbers to date are very similar to last year, overall. We’re within two students from this time last year to this time this year,” said Dennis Johnson, President and CEO of the College of New Caledonia.

Johnson’s statement comes after UNBC boasted a strong early enrolment: including twice as many registrations in one day than in the first two months of last year.

The shift away from in-person events has actually been a good thing for CNC’s online graduation ceremony.

“We have over 340 registrations for the virtual event,” Johnson said, continuing: “the numbers that have registered are actually a little higher than they have been in the past for the physical event.”

This fall both institutions intend to offer a blend of online instruction and in-class time for small groups, especially for programs and classes with hands-on aspects.