The Regional District of Fraser Fort George (RDFFG) is reporting that, in 2019, more trash was buried at the Foothills Landfill and less recycling was collected than the previous year.

In 2018 72,741 tonnes of trash were landfilled, while 2019 saw 73,528 tonnes buried.

This is a difference of 787 tonnes – over 8 kilograms for each one of the 94,000 people living in the regional district.

The average regional district resident also recycled 4 kilograms less in 2019 than the year prior.

This is a difference of 389 tonnes of recyclables.

However, 2017 saw only 31,402 tonnes recycled, while 2018 and 2019 both broke the 42,000 tonne mark – an upward trend.

“The top three things we are still seeing too much of are: paper/boxboard (cereal box type materials), common food grade plastics (sour cream, ice cream, milk cartons, styrofoam meat trays), and compostable food waste,” explained Terri McClymont, the Executive Director of REAPS (Recycling and Environment Action Planning Society).

REAPS offers an online waste reduction directory, showing where to dispose of some items that can be diverted from landfills.

To reduce trash volume, the RDFFG recommends recycling items such as scrap metal, tires, cardboard, plastic/metal food packaging, and plastic oil and chemical containers.

Batteries are also recyclable, which is especially important as they have been linked to landfill fires.