UNBC has once again been placed among the top young universities in Canada and the world.

Times Higher Education’s (THE) Young University Rankings feature more than 400 universities from 66 countries and territories around the world.

The Young University Rankings are calculated by modifying world ranking data, changing the weighting to give a greater emphasis on research productivity, staff to student ratios, and doctoral education.

Among world universities, UNBC is in the 801-1000 group, while it is in the 201st-250th ranked young universities around the globe.

“We’re not quite thirty years old yet… in addition to being young, we’re also a small university,” explained Dr. Geoff Payne, UNBC’s Interim President.

UNBC is one of only three Canadian institutions included on the 2020 young universities list, alongside  Concordia University and the University of Regina.

“I think UNBC does extremely well for its size… compared to the University of Regina or Concordia – we’re much smaller than those schools,” he added.

Payne said UNBC is approaching 15,000 alumni.