When Prince George City Council voted unanimously Monday night to keep CN Centre and the RMCA closed for the remainder of 2020, there was some belief in the community that the PG Cougars and Spruce Kings were without a home for the remainder of the year.

We now know that is not necessarily the case.

By Tuesday morning, there was clarification for the many that may have been confused.

The news did not catch the Cougars off-guard because of prior talks they had with the City.

“I think the main point that’s important to communicate is that when the WHL and the Prince George Cougars have confirmed certainty on our start dates both for training camp and our season that we will have the CN Centre ready and open for us,” stated Cougars Vice-President of Business Andy Beesley.

The Cougars and Beesley addressed the issue further by putting out a statement on their website early Tuesday afternoon.

The WHL is shooting for an October 2nd start date, which appears more and more unrealistic since the coronavirus is getting worse and not better in many parts of Western Canada and Washington State.

Prince George Spruce Kings General Manager Mike Hawes believes the RMCA closure is under similar conditions as CN Centre.

In other words, when the BCHL is ready to go, the City of PG will gladly open the doors to the Spruce Kings long-time home.

“When the time comes that we are going to require our arena for the extended training camp and season in December some discussions will occur between the city staff on some new recommendations that can be presented in getting it open. We think December 1st is an incredibly good date for our league to proceed, it gives time if there is a second wave of the virus but is also in line with the NHL and the start of their next season,” said Hawes.

The Spruce Kings also felt compelled to put out a statement since their hockey school and skill development camps will still go ahead but at the Kin Centre Arenas, which will re-open to user groups August 17th.

Despite facing a 2020 budget shortfall of $3 million PG City Council gave in to the pressure from members of the public to re-open three sheets of ice at the Kin arenas and one pool at the Aquatic Centre, all concentrated in Exhibition Park.

The Aquatic Centre, with a restriction of 40 users at a time, will re-open on September 8.

“It is interesting because Council heard from folks who wanted it open purely for recreation, but there were also folks who wanted it open for health reasons,” said Mayor Lyn Hall.

“Just because they didn’t come out in full force like the arenas people did doesn’t mean it’s not important to a lot of people. I’m thinking about the therapeutic portion of it,” added Councilor Terri McConnachie.

The moral of the story, with COVID-19 apparently with us long-term, a decision made one week (in all walks of life, including sports) can easily change the next.


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In Chicago, the Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo gave Brewers’ Orlando Arcia hand sanitizer after Arcia got a hit and ended up at 1st base. Talk about a clean single.

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