The Federal government released a statement noting their plan to turn to the Private sector in designing and running a massive buyback of thousands of firearms that were prohibited in May.

Public Safety Canada has invited 15 consulting firms, including IBM, to come up with a “range of options and approaches” for the planned program to compensate gun owners, however, it isn’t supposed to be set until March.

“We’re looking at rewarding a potentially multi-million dollar contract to who knows who,” adds K.K.S  Tactical Supplies co-owner, Cassandra Premack, “we haven’t seen the best track record for our Liberal government placing their contracts with people who are qualified for them.”

Premack is currently pursuing legal action to repeal the ban, and since her legal pursuit against the federal government started, an additional 5 lawsuits across Canada have begun.

For K.K.S Tactical Supplies in Prince George, this means they could be sitting on over half their inventory for nearly a year.

While any type of buyback program is not ideal for K.K.S, Premack states, “an ideal buyback program would be something initiated in a timely manner.”

Premack’s legal pursuit is supported by the Canadian National Firearms Association and will be providing expertise in court.

The CFNA is also taking donations on her behalf.