More than two hundred of Prince George’s crosswalks were evaluated for upgrades by city administration according to a report heard by council this (Monday Aug 17) evening.
202 crosswalks were examined, and it was decided that 43 were in need of attention.

The list of upgrades, by priority. (City of PG)

First Avenue and Ospika Boulevard was of particular interest after a petition surfaced in June calling for a pedestrian controlled intersection.

The petition was started following a collision that resulted in a local teen hospitalized with serious injuries. 

First and Ospika was not originally on the report, according to Councilor Terri McConnachie.

“Unfortunately, where crosswalks are concerned, action is taken after,” she explained.

“It’s actually required that something happens. That’s the unfortunate reality.”

However, McConnachie points out a need for a report was recognized before the collision.

“So we could look at all of our crosswalks because there are a lot of pinch points. The feedback has also been louder and more often in the last few years, as neighborhoods keep growing.”

Davis road and Ospika is also on the list, and both intersections are considered a high priority for the year.

McConnachie says the city will have to keep an eye on how the upgrades affect transit, as well.

“For a smaller population, we are incredibly spread out. That has done nothing but add challenge. We have so many more kilometers of roadway and sidewalk,” she noted.

“We are in charge of making sure there is an ability for everyone to share the road.”

The final details will be talked about as part of future budget discussions.